San Jamar – Saf-T-Knife™ Station

Have You Tried the….

San Jamar – Saf-T-Knife Station?

The Saf-T-Knife™ Station is a high-quality plastic knife rack from San Jamar designed to hold eight knives and a knife steel / sharpener for easy and quick access in your restaurant kitchen. While there are eight slots for knives, it can fit a variety of knife blade lengths and widths. You’ll be able to work with 1/10” blade thickness and 5” wide blades such as a cleaver. The construction is break-resistant plastic in the front and back. The closed container protects knives from contaminants and damage while keeping them sanitary between uses. Clear see-through door makes choosing a knife easy.

Use this closed knife rack verses a magnetic strip to keep your knives and staff safe in the kitchen. Entire station is made up of three pieces that are all easy to disassemble and reassemble to ensure the knives are kept in the cleanest environment as possible. If you have a Saf-T-Knife Station, you are able to purchase replacement parts such as the slotted top and clear view door if they become scratched.

Presenting another innovation from San Jamar

Knives may be the most important prep tool in the kitchen, but if they’re not handled and stored properly, knives can pose serious safety and sanitation risks. Saf-T-knife Station from San Jamar, the leader in food safety solutions, provides safe, sanitary, and secure storage for knives.

Magnetic knife racks not only present a hazard to kitchen staff but also leave knives exposed to contamination and damage. Expensive stainless steel knife holders protect knife blades, but are hard to clean and make choosing the right knife a guessing game.

Saf-T-Knife Station offers a clear solution for safe, sanitary, and secure knife storage. Saf-T-Knife’s clear-view door makes it easy for staff to see and select appropriate knives, and confirm that knives are clean, sanitary and ready for use. Saf-T-Knife Station is easy to wall mount, giving staff convenient access to knives while freeing up valuable counter space. Constructed of break-resistant plastic, Saf-T-Knife station is durable, easy to clean, and NSF certified. Clean and sanitized while mounted in place or easily disassemble for dishwasher cleaning.

Saf-T-Knife Station: the clear and affordable solution for safe, sanitary and secure knife storage.


  • Model: STK1008/li>
  • Color: Clear/Grey
  • Material: Break-resistant plastic
  • Dimensions: 15″ x 15″ x 4 1/4″

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