Touch Free Restrooms: the New Restaurant Trend

Did you know that a dirty restroom affects the way people perceive a restaurant’s cleanliness? In fact, approximately one-third of people will never go back to a restaurant that has a dirty restroom, as discussed in this article from A survey claims this impressive fact; however, at Public Kitchen Supply, we do have a solution for this problem.
The solution is simple. Eliminate the transfer of germs or waste. With ever-changing technology, more and more of our appliances are becoming automated. Only just a few years ago we were amazed/shocked by automatic toilets. We love them, when they work; have hated them when they flush unprovoked, but all-in-all have learned to accept them as the new norm. Now, if you go into a public restroom you assume it’ll flush for you, eliminating having to touch the germ-ridden handle.
Rubbermaid – Auto Flush

San Jamar – Chef Revival 
Paper Towel Dispenser

It’s no wonder that since then, more restaurants are turning their entire restroom into a touch-free haven. It’s becoming easier to do this with the amount of touch-free restroom supplies being offered. You can choose to have your toilet flush automatically, your sink water turn on and off for you, the soap dispense automatically into your hand. Then, you can dry your hands with a paper towel dispenser that senses when you need a piece. All that remains left to be turned automatic is the toilet paper dispensers and doors.
Switching from the traditional manual appliances to touchless restroom supplies is a great way to keep your restaurant feeling clean. The less your customer has to touch, the more clean they feel, and the more clean they’ll perceive your restaurant to be. It all goes hand-in-hand. If you’re willing to spend a bit more to turn your restaurant restroom into an up-to-date automatic restroom, then they’ll know you’re serious about hygiene. The hygiene of your restroom translates back to the hygiene of your kitchen. Logically, there’s a good chance you’ll put into effect the same ways to eliminate cross-contamination of food and germs where the food is being made as you did in your restroom.

Chemco – Touchless Dispenser 
for Hand Sanitizer

Whether you’ve already got touch-free appliances in your restaurant bathrooms and need to replace them, or you’re ready to update, Public Kitchen Supply wants to help you. We know it can be tough and that’s why we’ve got a selection of automatic restroom supplies on sale right now like our Auto Faucets and Hand Dryers.
World Dryer Automatic Hand Dryer K975
Rubbermaid – Milano Auto Faucet World Dryer – Auto Hand Dryer Rubbermaid – Foot Step Trash Container

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