Farmers Market Tips

One of the greatest things about summer is the ability to go to farmers markets every weekend. You get to skip the grocery store and go straight to the farmer who can give you the freshest produce possible. They can help you find the ripest fruit, teach you tips on how to pick one item over another, and tell you how long it should keep. It’s personalized service! At Public Kitchen Supply, we know that to use our kitchen smallwares, you have to start with great ingredients.

Personalized service isn’t the only benefit of a farmers market though, it’s also healthier for you, not to mention it’s helping your local farmers. Fresh produce can have such a richer flavor than store bought produce, it’s incredibly hard to pass up.

Don’t expect to just find fruit and veggies at a farmers market either, some vendors bring baked goods like homemade breads, biscuits, or cookies. 

Now, the basics of farmers market shopping. Get there early! The earlier you are, the better selection you have to pick from. Here’s the way it works: most farmers will bring a batch of goods and once they’re gone, they’ll pack up and leave. If you come later in the day, half the sellers may have already come and gone. Find out what time your local farmers market opens and get there close to opening. Not so early that people are still setting up, but not so late that you miss the goods.

Also remember to bring cash and your own bags. In this day and age, we’re used to people providing us bags and taking debit cards. Do not expect that of a farmers market. You might end up having to take multiple trips back to the car if you forget bags or might not getting anything at all if you forget cash. 

To reiterate above, ask questions. Most of the sellers don’t mind answering questions about what they’re selling. So if you’re wondering something, just ask!

Also, don’t go overboard. Think about what you are actually willing to make throughout the week. You don’t want to overbuy and end up wasting the food simply because it looked good. Only buy what you will use for the week. You can always come back next weekend and buy more!

And there you have it. The basics of a farmers market from Public Kitchen Supply. It’s a great way to enjoy the weather, get the freshest produce available, and have great meals all week long. 

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