Which Vitamix Blender is Right for You?

Which blender is right for you? That’s the question. Every chef, whether they’re in a restaurant kitchen, or in their own home kitchen, has different needs. So, how do you translate your needs into purchasing the perfect kitchen tool for yourself?
One of our most popular manufacturers, Vitamix, produces top-notch blenders for both restaurants and home users. With a huge line of blenders and accessories for these given blenders, which do you choose? We, at Public Kitchen Supply, will try to help you make the decision.
First, let’s take a look at the Vitamix Drink Machine. This simple blender is one of the more affordable and basic commercial-grade blender models from Vitamix. A simple control panel with a polycarbonate container allows the user to blend just what they need. Though affordable, it is still packed with a 2 peak HP motor that works hard. It even has six pre-programmed settings that can be customized so that you can create the same blends every single time. The Drink Machine blender is even smart enough to turn off automatically when it is finished. It’s a great Vitamix blender for those looking for an affordable yet high quality option.
Next, The “Quiet One” Blender. This blending system tends to find itself more in restaurants or bars; places that will spend a little bit more money on their blenders to ensure the atmosphere is not disrupted. The included sound enclosure works hard to block the sound from traveling. Heavy-duty, dependable, and durable are the perfect adjectives to describe this commercial blender from Vitamix. 34 programs available for consistency and a easy-to-read LCD display means that it was meant for commercial use, and easy to train employees on. This “The Quiet One” Blender is great for busy coffee shops who need quick and reliable equipment.
Another affordable option from Vitamix is the BarBoss Advance Blending System. A wide range of features make this system unique for a commercial blending unit. With the sleek red base, it’s designed to stand out on a bar countertop. It contains just six programs for consistency and includes a pulse button. Like the rest of the Vitamix blenders, this one includes a clear polycarbonate blender container for blending your perfect portions. Like the Drink Machine blender, this compact blender is packed with a 2 peak HP output motor that handles thick ingredients just as well as thin liquids, making it great for bars who need an affordable yet powerful blender.
High-Performance Blending is synonymous with Vitamix and in particular the Blending Station Advance from Vitamix. This commercial-grade system is one of the highest-quality systems that Vitamix has to offer and its no surprise why; it’d be difficult to pack any more features into a blender than they already do. From a sound enclosure that blocks the noise, to a 3 HP motor, to the standard automatic shut-off feature, it’s great for commercial locations that serve blended drinks or foods. The greatest feature by far though is its 93 variable speeds and 34 program settings to provide the best consistency. If you run a restaurant or smoothie shop, you’ll be more than satisfied with the performance this Blending Station Advance will provide.
And there you have it. Those are those most popular commercial-grade blender options from Vitamix. So how exactly do you decide which is for you? Start by making a list of your must-have features. Whichever option both fits your budget and has the most amount of features is the right blending system for you! We hope this list helps you find the ideal one, and feel free to peruse our site at Public Kitchen Supply for more Vitamix blender options and their accessories.

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