How to Use FIFO Bottles

As an e-commerce site, we, at Public Kitchen Supply, have bestsellers. One of our most popular products, the FIFO Bottles, also creates the most intrigue. Often we are asked the questions: what’s the difference between a FIFO Bottle and a standard squeeze bottle? And, how do I use this FIFO Bottle properly? You see, FIFO Bottles are not just standard squeeze bottles, they have a removable lid as well as a removable base. They offer benefits well beyond a standard squeeze bottle.
The removable base lid is what sets this squeeze bottle well apart from the competition. To use, simply take off the base lid, while leaving the top lid, and fill this squeeze bottle all the way up. As you use it, it’ll work just like a squeeze bottle. When you go to refill it, you’ll once again remove the base cap and fill it up. This little step is what makes these bottles so great. You never just pour new sauce on top of remaining sauce. That keeps the old ketchup (for example) continually at the bottom, never being used, and just getting older and older. By refilling from the base, rather than the top, with a FIFO bottle, it creates a “first-in, first-out” system; hence where these bottles receive their name.
Fast dispensing, easy to wash, NSF Approved; perfect for a restaurant environment. The design of these bottles are for easy usage, but they also prevent waste. Using standard bottles, the amount of ketchup or other condiment that is tossed at the end of a bottle is ridiculous. Too much is wasted, but using a FIFO Bottle, this is prevented saving more than just the condiment, but money.
The clear bottle design allows you to see through this bottle with ease so you know when its time to refill it. When its time to clean it, remove both the top and bottom lids and voila, you have plenty of room for cleaning. Think about the time, money, and food you’ll save when you switch to a FIFO Bottle system. Check them out on our website Public Kitchen Supply or give us a call if you’re interested in more information about the FIFO Bottle System and implementing it in your kitchen.

Top photo credit: pablo_photo via photopincc. Side photo: Fundametal Designs.

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