Changing Seasons and a Changing Palate

As we wave our hands goodbye to hot sultry summer afternoons, fall is beginning to appear. The crisp colorful leaves have begun to twirl in the wind. Front lawns are coated in a gentle morning dew. There is a chilly stroke of a cool breeze in the early morning and evening. Autumn nights paint clouds cherry pink, allowing a blue moon to bashfully peak behind the setting sun. It’s an enjoyable time where we tend to have a good appetite; new flavors begin to tantalize our taste buds. Knowing when to introduce iconic pumpkin pies or chewy caramel apples into a restaurant menu or home kitchen is a tricky decision. How do we satisfy our cravings for warm flavors and spices without spoiling the season’s treats too early? Public Kitchen Supply suggests, gradually introducing autumn favorites to your palate.
Soups and stews are the ideal transitional meals for this time of year. When Jack Frost begins to nip at your nose it is time to grab the stock pot from the top shelf. On the coldest day of the week, create a hearty beef stew in a sturdy Browne-Halco stock pot. Chili is another great meal for all the Fall football games that tend to take over our meal times. While there are many different recipes for chili, the best include basic ingredients like kidney beans, stewed tomatoes, ground beef, and chili spices. On warmer days stick to family favorites allowing these cool weather foods to remain a delight.
Supermarkets make it incredibly easy to stuff our carts with caramels, apple cider, and whatever our stomachs call for, but should we be indulging before the leaves even begin to change? The immediacy of fall goodies make it challenging to keep these Fall treats at bay. When cravings begin to dictate the grocery shopping create a structured shopping list, reminding yourself that gingersnaps and apple pie is a better fit for a special occasion later in the season rather than a snack right now. When you decide to splurge for decadent fall sweets do so with style and purpose.
Fall is filled with fun holidays like Thanksgiving that give you the chance to show off your culinary skills. Bring fresh baked pumpkin spiced cookies to parties and watch eyes light up. Use half size cookie pans from Sasa DeMarle to create soft airy cookies. Spice a cheesecake with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger to make this classic treat fantastic for autumn. Public Kitchen Supply recognizes food is often a strong indicator of changing seasons, making meals a great way to celebrate throughout the year, but the question remains: how early is too early?
As the leaves begin to tumble to the ground different emotions begin to arise, some crave fall while others clutch to summer. Creativity blossoms in the kitchen as summer’s fire quietly fades to withered leaves and winter’s welcome. Our appetites evolve from fruity, ice-cold popsicles to roasted almonds over a fire. Embrace the changing seasons by welcoming fall foods to your table. Let Public Kitchen Supply help you make the transition by stocking your kitchen with the tools you need to make those hearty stews or mouth-watering pies.

photo credit: Cameron Nordholm via photopin cc

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