What Exactly is an Energy Star Rating and Why Do I Want It?

Energy conservation has been an increasingly popular topic in many countries in the last decade. Environmentalism is no longer a single party idea, raising many questions, two of which are: Why is energy conservation important? What can an individual do to help our ecosystem? The first step in energy conservation is recognizing where you waste resources, one of the most common areas is the kitchen. Products like the True – 78″ Glass Display Merchandiser can dramatically decrease your energy bill. Look for the Energy Star label to choose kitchen appliances that reduce energy and protect the environment by meeting firm energy efficiency guidelines developed by the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
The Energy Star Label was created to reduce pollution by making it easy for consumers to recognize and purchase energy-efficient products. Products earn the Energy Star label based on a precise set of principles, these standards include:

  1. Product must save significant energy nationwide.
  2. Qualified products must fulfill product demand along with energy efficiency.
  3. If an Energy Star label product is more expensive than a conventional competitor, buyers will recuperate their investment in utility bill savings.
  4. Energy efficient products will be offered by more than one business.
  5. Product energy use and performance can be measured and confirmed with testing.
  6. The Energy Star Label will be unique and clear to consumers.
These six guidelines, created by the EPA, make it easy for restaurants, homes, and businesses to save money while helping the environment. Products like the Turbo Air – M3 Series Freezer result in profound savings for both the environment and your wallet. The way we choose to power our homes and companies becomes very apparent over time. When an individual makes the choice to conserve energy their efforts become substantial over a lifetime. People are often looking for a way to make the world a better place. One of the simplest ways to do this is being conscious of our presence and how we live.

And, if protecting your own environment isn’t enough, perhaps the federal or partner rebates offered for converting your old appliances to newer Energy Star appliances is. States know that some people need an incentive to replace appliances if theirs currently work without a problem. Most newer energy efficient appliances though do have many, many benefits that will make you glad you switched. Beyond simply using less power, they’re typically sleeker, with more power, uses less water, and are easier to hook up and use.
After energy is created from non-renewable fuels, to power our cars or run our appliances, toxins are released into the atmosphere tainting the water we drink, the air we breathe, the planet we live on. Perhaps learning to protect our home is the largest impact an individual can have on our world. Public Kitchen Supply is dedicated to providing you with equipment that saves money, creates fantastic food, and helps restore our planet.

US Department of Energy, and US Environmental Protection Agency. “How a Product Earns the Energy Star Label.” Energy Star. Energy Star, n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2013.

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