Food Plating & Presentation: More than Just Taste


Sight is often the first sense used when deciding if food will be appetizing. The quality of ingredients, flavor and overall taste are certainly essential to a successful dish but presentation also plays a strong and critical role. In order to create a meal that is enticing to both sight and taste a chef should first start with sketches and drawing to visualize their plate. Public Kitchen Supply suggests finding inspiration from a picture or object. Construct a “practice” plate to practice performing your design. Like any art, it is important to practice your techniques so your creation is well prepared for an audience. There are several fantastic plating tools and techniques that will amplify your dishes.
Saucing is a simple culinary method that can transform a dull dish into an interesting meal. It is important to remember that sauces are meant to keep the moisture of a dish and provide a strong concentrated flavor that will balance a recipe. There are many different plating options when applying this technique. Consider using a brush, like an Update International Pastry Brush, to create colorful brush strokes on a white plate or use a simple ladle, similar to a Browne Foodservice – 1.5 ounce Stainless Steel Ladle, for a traditional pool of sauce on the bottom of the plate. These are just two simple techniques that will bring an artistic touch to your food.
Color is a great way to catch your audiences’ eye, so consider integrating colorful foods into your dishes. Using blue potatoes or a vibrant red bell pepper is a simple and easy way to bring attention to your plate. Using more traditional green vegetables can be great when cooking, but know that they can lose their colors quickly when cooked. Blanch them just before serving to keep your plating pristine. Consider the time of year when serving a dish; in the fall use rich dark colors. If it’s spring use lighter colors and implement garnishes like cherry blossoms to reflect the changing seasons.
Eye appeal can be gained not only through color but through shape. There are many different cuts of fruits and vegetables, easily produced in large quantities. Use a variety of knives and cutters to create a unique and interesting balance across your plate. Purchasing a knife kit like an Alfi – Front Counter Knife Kit is a great way to add variety to your food and kitchen tools. Another excellent way to implement shape into your food is with food molds, the Sasa Demarle – Volcanoes Flexipan is a great example how depth can be integrated into food.
A stunning food presentation takes talent and practice. Delicious food isn’t only about taste but taking the time and effort on food plating. Experiment, create, learn and continue to develop your own unique style. Transform your customers into an audience by using these tips from Public Kitchen Supply.

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