Researching Your Nemco Easy Vegetable Slicer

Purchasing new kitchen equipment requires a considerable amount of research and the examination of several different factors. Besides function and design it is very important to understand how a product operates before purchasing it. At Public Kitchen Supply, we have noticed our customers continually researching the operation and assembly of the Nemco Vegetable Slicer. This blog post will assist customers with their research and answer frequently asked questions.
One excellent feature of the Nemco Easy Vegetable Slicer is its flexibility in design. When desired, the machine can be disassembled by loosening the thumbscrew. Simply adjust the plate assembly, remove the nut by turning counter-clockwise, remove screws and blades, and (make sure screws are marked so they can be put back in the same position). Detach corresponding screws by turning counter-clockwise to remove the leg, guide and handle. Wash with soap and water or mild detergent. Immediately after cleaning, reassemble by reversing the disassembling process described above. This will protect the blade and avoid the risk of losing any of the parts.
Before the Nemco Vegetable Slicer is used, it must be prepared. Simply loosen the screw in the push-plate, turn the screw eight times or remove it completely. Next, install the push plate in the grooves. Finally, place the guide under the head of the screw and tighten. After this initial process you should be sure to clean the machine before and after each use. Use hot soapy water that has little or no alkaline. Alkaline may resulting in dents, causing the product to dulling or become damaged.
To operate the Easy Slicer, slide it into the Mounting Base, with the extension holding the locking screw, this goes in last. Next, tighten the locking screw to secure the machine tightly. When using the adjustable slicing unit, be sure to check the slice thickness setting and adjust if necessary. Pull the pusher handle and raise the cover plate, place the food into the through area. Finally, close the cover plate and softly push the Pusher Handle Knob while turning the handle on the rotary cutting unit clockwise. Keep pressure consistent on the pusher handle for best results.
A fantastic product to use in addition to Nemco’s Easy Slicer is Nemco’s Easy Slicer Mounting Board. This is helpful because when you use both tools you will gain valuable counter space. To use the mounting board remove the mounting base from the easy slicer, draw circles where the 4 holes are positioned and remove the mounting base. Next, drill 1/4” holes in the work surface area. Secure the mounting base that come provided with Nemco products. Your mounting board should now be tightly secure to the easy slicer.
It’s important to note that Nemco’s blades are very sharp; be careful when handling or operating this machine. Keep your hands away from the blades and never operate without the guard and cover plate positioned correctly. Always push produce to the blades with the pusher plate and never push produce with your hand. If you are still unsure how to operate the Nemco Easy Slicer or Nemco’s Easy Slicer Mounting Board, visit Public Kitchen Supply for further instructions and advice or review the Nemco Food Equipment Specification Sheet found on our product pages.

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