How to: Clean and Store a Flexipan


When people receive items like Sasa Demarle Flexipans as a gift or try them for the first time, they may stare at these new kitchen tools with a concerned look. The flexible material with non-stick qualities are sure to require extra special care when cleaning and storing, right? Surely you can’t throw them in the dishwasher, but scrubbing them with a standard sponge can’t be good for them either. Too abrasive of a sponge may tear the material but you want to ensure they’re fully cleaned, especially when using in a restaurant or bakery. So the question remains, how do you clean and store a Sasa Demarle Flexipan properly? Read on to learn!
When it comes to cleaning your new Flexipan, the most important takeaway is remembering to wash the pan regularly. This step can be difficult in a busy bakery where you’re churning out delectable baked goods all hours of the day, but this step is extremely important as grease and other particles can build up and break down the integrity of the food-grade silicone that makes these pans special. Next, you’ll have to remember that these pans are not capable of being placed in the dishwasher. As delicate as these pans are, a dishwasher, plus their standard dishwashing detergent is too harsh for these types of pans. You’ll want to handwash the pans to prolong their life.
While you’re handwashing the pans, you’ll also want to take care to scrub out all the groves. Some of the Flexipans have more groves than others, such as the Sasa Demarle Mini Saint- Honor Crowns Flexipan. This one, can very quickly see build up in the small corners and crevices. Make sure you are choosing soft sponges, none with sharp edges or abrasive materials as it can tear through the pan if you’re not careful. With the soft sponges you’ll also want to use a very mild detergent that has a neutral pH of 7. Rinse it off with a hot soapy water, and you’ve finished washing the pan.
Recommended by Sasa Demarle, itself, is to place the flexipan in the oven at 212°F for 2-3 minutes to ensure the pan is properly sterilized since it can’t be placed in the dishwasher. Remove the Flexipan from the oven, let it sit and then once it’s cooled, you’ll need to consider how to store it properly.
Be sure to take care when storing this pan too. As it is extremely flexible, that also means that it can be smashed, causing it to become malformed. If your pan becomes malformed then your cakes won’t be the perfect shapes they’re meant to be, in other words your Bow-Tie Flexipan won’t produce a bow-tie anymore, but instead a misshapen teddy bear. When storing, place them upside down within each other of the same kind. Try to limit the amount to small stacks as the weight can be a detriment to the shape if there’s too many.
That’s all there is to it with washing and storing Sasa Demarle Flexipans. Wash by hand, store flat and upside down, and you’ll find that it’s simple! Your pans will keep their integrity and stay strong for the 3000+ uses they’re supposed to. If you haven’t yet tried a Flexipan, and are interested, we’ve got plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from on our site,

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