When to Use Fresh versus Canned Pumpkin


As the leaves fade from a deep earthy green to falls soft yellows and fiery reds; pumpkin flavors become a delicious, seasonal reminder. In hopes of enhancing pumpkin treats many people assume making homemade pumpkin puree will produce fantastic results, yet professional chefs recommend using canned pumpkin instead. Fresh pumpkin is stringy, taking away the smooth creamy texture canned pumpkin provides. At Public Kitchen Supply we recognize kitchen utensils and ingredients greatly impact a recipe.
Canned pumpkin is fantastic for baked goods and desserts. Canned pumpkins silky texture works exceptionally well with desserts. Unlike, fresh pumpkin the canned vegetable has a consistent amount of moisture in each can, so recipes can follow uniformity. We suggest using canned pumpkin for starchy grains, pumpkin cocktails, dips, spreads and cheesecakes. All of the foods, listed above, utilize canned pumpkins semi-gelatinous texture and mixes recipes evenly.
While canned pumpkin is great for desserts, drinks and spreads, Public Kitchen Supply recommends fresh pumpkin for more savory dishes. Fresh pumpkin should be used when a food could benefit from added fiber and flavor. For example, if you are making pumpkin soup using fresh ingredients is a must. When soups use canned pumpkin they often taste artificial and mushy. Fresh pumpkin is also great for fillings, like lasagna or ravioli and pumpkin pasta sauce.
There are several advantages of canned and fresh pumpkin outside of taste. Purchasing the vegetable canned is great because it saves an abundant amount of work and time; carving pumpkins is a messy and lengthy process. On the other hand if you’re planning on making multiple pumpkin flavored dishes we suggest purchasing a large fresh pumpkin. The vegetables seeds and flesh are great roasted in the oven. Create bold appetizers that rely on fibrous textures, great for a Thanksgiving dinner.
The biggest difference between canned and fresh pumpkin is in their consistency. Use fresh pumpkin for a thicker more velvety texture. Canned pumpkin produces a consistency similar to cottage cheese. Both culinary methods can create scrumptious fall flavored foods. In the end it’s important to choose canned versus fresh pumpkins based on the recipe you’re making and kitchen utensils you are using.

photo credit: browniesfordinner via photopin cc

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