Finding Your Juicer


A reliable citrus juicer is an important kitchen appliance if you ever want to make homemade lemonade, orange juice, a pitcher of margaritas, or scrumptious lemon squares. Using fresh fruits enhances a recipe’s taste exponentially because it is rich in nutrients and is not tainted by dyes or chemicals that are often found in store-bought juices. Public Kitchen Supply recommends purchasing a juicer from Hamilton Beach, a brand that makes excellent juicers both electric and manual. Hamilton Beach’s manual and electric citrus juicers are mutually great products but they are meant to be used in different ways for different amounts of juice.
Manual juicers are fantastic for at home use, they understandably take a little longer to use than an Electric Citrus Juicer, but they cost less. Hamilton Beach’s Manual Juicers are better at producing an exact amount of juice, a great quality when juicing for individual servings. The Hamilton Beach Manual Citrus Juicer comes in one size but it has the ability to juice lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit. The juicer’s extractor arm exerts 2,000 pounds of pressure insuring the maximum amount of juice is removed from the fruit while minimizing the amount of skin and pulp residue. The Strainer’s cone and funnel can easily be removed allowing for quick and easy cleaning along with the juice collector cup. The juice collector cup was designed for convenience, swiftly swinging out allowing the user to easily gather the extracted juices.
The manual juicer is not only great in function but it is durable and well made. Hamilton Beach designed the manual juicer with Sure Grip Feet, minimizing the amount of counter-top space used while providing a secure grip. It’s very important for a citrus juicer to be acidic resistant or it will quickly become corroded. Hamilton Beach coats all of the chrome and porcelain components, along with the enamel finish in a citric resistant finish. Public Kitchen Supply recommends the manual juicer for individual and at home use.

An electric citrus juicer is a great choice for juicing citric fruits like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits too but these juicers squeeze fresh juice much faster. We recommend electric juicers for large families and restaurants. You will want to purchase an electric juicer if fresh juice is needed quickly and often. Electric juicers tend to do a better job at removing all of the skin and pulp from juice, and once again take much less time to do so.
It’s important to note that electric juicers do a better job at juicing fruit quickly and efficiently compared to a manual citrus juicer but they are more expensive and take up more space. Hamilton Beach tries to limit the space they take up by creating their electric juicers with a low center gravity, making it stable and applicable on many surfaces. It features a unique crescent shaped footprint that saves counter space. The Electric Juicer is perfect for bars, restaurants, juice shops, coffee shops or smoothie bars to quickly extract the maximum juice from each piece fruit with minimal effort. Hamilton Beach designed the Electric Juicer with a quiet motor, promising not to disturb customers. The juice spout is 8.5” from the base, allowing juice to be extracted in a large range of containers. Like the Manual Citrus Juicer, it is designed to be resistant to acid.

Citrus Juicers are a helpful and tasty tool to have in your home or business but choosing the right one can be difficult. It’s important to remember both electric and manual juicers have excellent qualities, the best choice truly comes down to how you intend to use it. Public Kitchen Supply is dedicated to answering all of your questions regarding small ware and large kitchen appliances. For my answers visit our website at

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