What is a Slip-Resistant Shoe?

Chef uniforms can often times be anything but attractive. They’re worn for practicality, not necessarily for looks. While the clothes are typically standard cotton with a durable apron, the shoes don’t have to be as basic. Chances are, if you work as a chef, line cook, or waitress or waiter, your shoes are all standard black with slip-resistant soles; however, brands like MOZO Shoes, change the standard. At Public Kitchen Supply, we don’t want our chefs to be stuck wearing the same old shoes.
If you want to break out of the standard, you’ll want to switch to MOZO shoes. When you choose to switch to MOZO Shoes, you have options. No longer are you confined to standard black pleather non-slip shoes. MOZO Shoes aren’t just black, they provide a variety of colors and styles to both men and women. But more importantly, they’re designed specifically for kitchen and restaurant use. They work hard to prevent their wearer from slipping. Slip-resistant shoes are held to a certain standard in the industry. They must be. When you’re dealing with a busy restaurant, there can often be slick floors and you never know until you slip. Finding the perfect non-slip shoe is not an easy feat.
First you want to start with one that passes the ASTM standard for slip-resistance. MOZO Shoes ensure that they’re shoes pass this standard before they are offered to their customers. They go through a series of test to ensure that under different circumstances, in different environments, they’ll do their job well. The safety of their customers is at the top of MOZO’s list of requirements. Just think of all the things a chef or waiter can slip on. Spills can occur in the kitchen or in the front-of-the-house. Freshly mopped floors can create a slick atmosphere and all it takes is one quick slip while carrying a tray of food to ruin a customer’s dining experience.
Slip-resistance keeps chefs and waiters on their feet. You don’t want to ruining a customer’s experience simply because the waiter’s uniform doesn’t meet high standards for slip-resistance. The extra grip on the sole of a slip-resistant shoe provides more opportunities for the rubber to grip onto a dry, solid surface. If the sole was one solid piece of rubber without grips, there would be no traction. Slip-resistant is just what you need to solve the problem and ensure your diners receive their food promptly, without spills.
When you’re ready to make the switch, or want more information on slip-resistant kitchen shoes, head over to our website, Public Kitchen Supply. There are a wide variety of shoes available to fit your needs. Select from slip on, with ties, leather, canvas, wedge, quirky and stylish, all featuring MOZO’s amazing slip-resistant soles that will keep you on your feet.

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