Choosing Your Charbroiler

Commercial charbroilers are a great way to add a distinct smoky flavor to dishes. Not only does charbroiling add amazing flavor to the food but it also infuses grill marks into the food providing great color to the food when it’s delivered the the waiting customer. Many different types of restaurants use charbroilers for a variety of entrees and sides. There are several different types of charbroilers; gas radiant, charcoal rock and electric radiant, all providing an array of unique options to your commercial kitchen. Public Kitchen Supply has researched the benefits and detriments of each charbroiler to help you find the best one for your business.
Gas charbroilers are fantastic if you want to have more control over your meat’s taste; gas burns clean resulting in allowing a food’s more natural flavors to come through. This is a beneficial when chef’s season and cook their foods to a precise recipe. When you want the flavors to speak for themselves, you’ll want to choose a gas option. Gas charbroilers take much less time to grill and clean compared to their charcoal and electric counterparts. Simply turn off the grill, let it cool and wipe clean with a washcloth. Public Kitchen Supply recommends the Saturn Heavy Duty 36” Gas Counter Charbroiler. This grill is designed to be set on a counter-top in your commercial kitchen. It has 4” chrome legs leaving plenty of space underneath to protect the surface it is set on. This specific broiler features a six burner setup, each burner has an individual control for more cooking control.
Another fantastic piece of cooking equipment is charcoal broilers. This grill is great for chefs looking for a smoky flavor in their meats. These charbroilers use natural gas to heat ceramic rocks under the grill. The rocks will provide fire and a charcoal smell to the food. As the food is grilled, fat and great will fall onto the coals giving the meat a delicious broiled taste. It should be noted that these dripping increases the risk of fire and should be carefully monitored throughout the cooking duration.
Electric charbroilers are a great option for people looking to save energy. Electric charbroilers tend to be more efficient than gas models because it’s constantly under a heat source. This type of grill will cost less to maintain compared to the gas charbroilers, but your energy bill will increase once it is installed. A meat’s smoky taste will be much less when cooked on electric grill compared to a charcoal broiler as it is not actually grilling with gas or charcoal.
Gas radiant, charcoal rock and electric radiant are all great charbroilers, but remember the cooking surface you choose has a lot to do with the food you’ll cook on it. Public Kitchen Supply recommends that gas and electric charbroilers work well indoors for achieving that outdoor grilling flavor. For further information on charbroilers visit our website at Public Kitchen Supply.

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