Which First Aid Supplies are Required in Restaurant Kitchen?

A clean safe work environment is beneficial for both employees, employer and customers. Staff members who are treated well are more likely to be productive. Practicing kitchen safety in your restaurant is extremely important because disease and injury can easily occur when preparing food. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, helps employers and employees reduce job related deaths, illnesses and injuries. Part of OSHA’s responsibilities is to set guidelines businesses must meet in order to operate. At Public Kitchen Supply we make it our duty to inform and provide OSHA compliant first aid supplies at an affordable cost.
OSHA requires that employees are given a healthy and safe workplace that is sensibly free of work-related hazards. It is unreasonable, especially in the food industry, to expect accidents not to happen. Because of the inherent risk in the restaurant business OSHA has required all business’s to have a first aid kit with the following supplies: Gauze pads, box adhesive bandages, one package of gauze roller bandage, two large gauze pads, two triangular bandages, scissors, wound cleaning agent, latex gloves, a blanket, tweezers, adhesive tape, resuscitation equipment like a resuscitation bag, airway or pocket mask, splint, two elastic wraps and directions for requesting emergency assistance. For example, these Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes are perfect for first aid kits as they help prevent infection to cuts, a common injury when cooking in a bustling kitchen.
When reviewing OSHA’s first aid requirements it can be daunting to think of the time and work it’ll take to find and refill your first aid kit with the items listed above. Public Kitchen Supply removes the difficulty by providing an OSHA compliant first aid kit from DayMark. The cabinet is designed to keep your supplies organized and clearly labeled, making it easy to restock and access during an emergency. The kit features a SmartTab ezRefill reminding you when it is time to restock your cabinet and immediately provides reorder information.

OSHSA conducts about 40,000 yearly inspections. If your business fails to meet OSHA’s standards the inspector can request employers to be removed immediately from the health hazard. If an employer fails to comply, OSHA has the right to ask a federal court to order the business to comply. While it is important to follow OSHA’s standards from a legal stand point it is crucial to understand why these guidelines exist.
Simple tools like band aids and burn cream can easily treat minor injuries before they become serious. Those in the food industry understand how small problems can quickly expand when not taken care of quickly and efficiently. Keep your employees and your business safe by complying with OSHA standards. You can count on Public Kitchen Supply to provide OSHA approved first aid kits so you can keep your business safe and successful.

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