Professional Knives: Bread, Chef, and Boning – Part 1

Knives are a necessary product for restaurants and homes. Public Kitchen Supply works hard to provide our customers with durable high-quality knives that will make their cooking and dining experiences enjoyable. It is important to understand that knives come in many different forms. Three of the most popular types of cooking knives are bread, chef, and boning.
A bread knife’s serrated edge is what ensure baked goods will not become crushed or flattened. These type of knives typically have a 6” to 10” long blade. The Mundial 10″ White Bread Knife is a great example of what bread should be cut with. It’s great for baking and slicing bread because its 10” blade can cut through an entire loaf in one cut. A strong grip is crucial when cutting delicate baked goods, make sure the bread knife you purchase has a secure grasp with a micro-serra or ergonomic handle finish.
A chef knife is perhaps the most heavily relied on tool in the kitchen. This type of cutlery is considered all purpose. It is exceptionally broad, great at cutting all types of food, and typically features a strong heavy blade. The blade should be strong enough to cut through bone and tough meat. Public Kitchen Supply recommends the Mundial 10” Round Tip Black Chef’s Knife. This knife is individually sharpened and tested to ensure perfection. The black polypropylene handle is coated with antimicrobial protection to reject bacteria and germs. Before purchasing a chef knife make a mental check list of how it will be used in your kitchen, a good chef’s knife should meet these qualifications.

If you want to use a knife that is specifically designed for removing bone use a boning knife. This kitchen utensil removes bone from many different types of meet like beef, fish, pork and poultry. A boning knife typically has a thin flexible blade that is about 5” to 6” long. The Mundial 6″ Curved Boning Knife is excellent at deboning meat. Its curved design keep the blade away from the user while easily puncturing meat and removing the bone. While chef knives can accomplish the same task it is more difficult.
While bread, chef and boning knifes are all considered knives, they perform entirely different tasks. Knives are clearly an important tool in the kitchen. Misusing or cutting with a dull knife is dangerous to the user and those around him. Ensure safety and clean cut products by researching and purchasing the proper knife. For more information on Mundial knives visit our website at

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